A Tribute to Wurlizer - I will never owe to a man what I owe to that horse!

It is with immense and unimaginable sadness that I have had to retire my beloved Wurlizer (Wizard) from competition. Although he is only 13 he has pastern arthritis which is very unforgiving. Hopefully he will be able to enjoy some years as a schoolmaster and a guinea pig at demos. All the while he is happy and comfortable enough he will continue to enjoy his work until he no longer wants to.

He has given me so much joy and success over the years from winning at the Nationals and Winters to taking me to a European Championships and finishing as my first International Grand Prix horse. All of which I never imagined would have been possible.
It is heartbreaking that he can no longer compete as he loved his parties more than any other other horse I have known, but I take delight from the fact that his final appearance in the ring was at the Nationals last year where we had an amazing time, finishing 9th in the Grand Prix and 7th in the Kur.

He is an amazing horse and I have said for years that if I never did another dressage test on him he would still owe me nothing and that holds true now more than ever. I don't think i will ever have a bond with a horse quite like the one i have with him, I'm sure everyone who has seen us at shows and at home will appreciate quite how special it is, he is a huge Mummy's boy after all!

As long as I can keep him happy in his retirement I will be happy! And every horse who I ride now and in the future will have Wizzy to thank for everything he taught me, he has shaped my riding and helped make me the rider I am today. Any future successes I may be lucky enough to have will still be attributed to him in so many ways.

I would like to thank Sara-Jane Lanning, Nicky Barrett, Charlotte Dujardin, Erik Theilgaard and everyone who helped us along the way.
A friend once said to me: "you will never love a man like you love that horse" to which I replied: "I will never owe to a man what I owe to that horse"!

Thank you and love you my gorgeous Wizzy Woo and you will be spoilt rotten until the end of your days!


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