A Successful Party at Myerscough

What a lovely day we had today…the sun shone and we did so well!

We travelled to Myerscough (north of Preston) to get to an Int II - they’re so few and far between, which is a shame. Vanita hadn’t been to a party since November, and although I feel I had made huge progress with his training, today would be a test. However, I needn’t have worried and was delighted to win the Int I with a clear 4% scoring 69%, with mistakes and the Int II he also won with 66% and mistakes. The judge, Helen Bradley, was kind enough to stop to tell me afterwards how fabulous he was and how delighted she was to see we’re forming a great partnership - that was music to my ears and meant a great deal!

We’re off to Wellington Premier on Thursday and hopefully we can cope with the bigger atmosphere.


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