A Well Deserved Rest


by Hannah Esberger


I hope you had a great time at Christmas and New Year…and had a deserved rest.

The weather has just been awful; the photo shows the turnout / lunge area being a total bog and full of puddles. Molly helped me during the worse of the weather; bless her she was soaked. Fortunately the international arena copes with all weathers and today the sun shines brightly and my clients can enjoy their training. Quichi came back for a training session with his new owner and looks so well, they’re making a great team and I’m sure they’ll be in the ribbons this summer.

Vanita is doing brilliantly and Tantalize is growing and benefiting from being with us and seeing all goings on in the yard. She will be turned away again soon and I will miss seeing her beautiful face looking over the door.

All of the other horses are having a easy time of it at the moment but it won’t be long before we’re back to the normal training routine.

Hannah Teaching Jan 13 small


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