Fun and Games with Fergus


by Lisa Mancuso

Since Fergus’ arrival in July last year, we have been quietly getting to know each other in between competing with Flynn over the latter part of the 2016 season. We had great fun and things were going really well, we had a couple of flat lessons at Claire’s and had started to pop a couple of cross poles at home. Then, towards the middle of October, I brought him in from the field one day to find that his right hind leg was swollen from hock to fetlock! He wasn’t noticeably lame, so I gave him a week of rest in the never ending hope it would miraculously disappear just as quickly as it appeared…no such luck, so a vet visit was in order!

Ferg 2

The vet came and a scan confirmed that he had slight tendinitis at the insertion point of the check ligament into the DDFT. Luckily there were no tears and the tendon fibres were OK, the DDFT was just slightly inflamed at the insertion point with fluid build up around the area. Bute and antibiotics, along with 6 weeks field rest ensured we were giving it the best possible chance of repairing without any setbacks. We decided to treat his rehab like you would a more serious tendon injury ‘just in case’, he’s a young chap and I’m not in any hurry with him. So, 4 weeks of walk work followed by two weeks of working up to 5 minutes trotting lead us to scan number two to ensure all was going well; the vet confirmed he was 100% in all respects. Now we’re building up the trot work with the aim of getting back to some sort of normal exercise regime by the summer; just in time for some summer fun with him.

Wish us luck!


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