Tanya Buckingham

Tanya Buckingham is a British Event Rider and produces, competes and looks after all her own horses, along with horses for owners. 

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Tanya has grown up with horses, despite coming from a family who knew nothing about horses. Tanya started riding at the age of 3 and spent all her spare time at Carol Thompson's yard where she learnt how to ride anything and everything! Tanya was bought her first pony at the age of 9 and despite her only having one speed (fast) had great fun with her. Tanya started being really competitive with her second pony William. Tanya was on all the Pony Club Teams, hunted and did unaffiliated ODEs. Pony Club was a fantastic grounding for learning all disciplines and all stable management skills and was where she first learnt about British Eventing.

When she was 14, Tanya bought Scally as a 4yr old with the view to doing Pony Club Teams on, however she exceeded all expectations by not only doing all Pony Club Teams, but also representing the North at 3 JRN Championships; Great Britain in the 2004 Junior European Championships and then going Advanced. At the age of 16 Tanya was given the chance to buy Scally’s brother Jack and she jumped at the chance! He was a very difficult horse to produce - he worries a lot and was very accident prone, but with a lot of hard work and time to build up his trust, Tanya managed to get him to 3 star level, before he was sadly retired due to arthritis. 

Tanya’s other advanced horse Bud, was bought to replace Scally when she was injured, and Tanya was selected to represent GB at the Young Rider Europeans in 2006 on him. Sadly in January 2007 Tanya had a skiing accident and snapped the ACL in her knee and was unable to try for the team again that year. After having an op on her knee in July 2007, Tanya was back eventing at a high level. She was once again short listed for the Europeans on Bud in 2009 and 2013 on an owners horse but unfortunately came off a young horse in April and snapped her other ACL so missed another season. Tanya is now back in the saddle and looking forward to a new season. Tanya is currently competing at CCI** with Sparkle and hopes to go Advanced with him this year. Bob is now at Advanced and PSG Dressage and Tanya also has a couple of horses she is riding for Eva Trotter.

Along side Eventing, Tanya is an active member of British Dressage and BSJA, competing up to Advanced and Foxhunter level. Tanya was a member of the Zetland Pony Club and she passed her A Test. Tanya does a lot of teaching at the Pony Club and tries to help the local riding clubs, Darlington & District and Barnard Castle, too along side teaching her own clients. 


  • Represented North JRN Team 3 times
  • Represented GB at both Young Rider and Junior      Europeans
  • 4th at CCI** Puncestown (Jack)
  • 5th at Floors Castle CIC** (Bud)
  • 5th at Burnham Market CIC** (Bud)
  • 1st at Aldon PN 3Day Event (Topic)
  • On short list for European CCI** Team 2009
  • On short list for European CCI** Team 2013
  • Selected for Northern Foundation Squad 2009
  • Pony Club A Test 2009
  • BHS Stage 3
  • BHS AI
  • One of the first to be selected for TASS funding (Talented Athletes Support Scheme)
  • Team trainer for Zetland Pony Club 


  • Bob - Imperial Flight - 16.2hh 14 year old Brown Gelding Advanced / PSG Dressage by Master Imp
  • Sparkle - Burlea Seamerchant - 16hh 9 year old gelding by Atlantic Sparky - competing at CCI** and will hopefully go Advanced this year
  • Sonyk - Sonyk D'Alemps -17.1hh 7 year old hunter, dressage and BSJ - currently for sale
  • Nan - Velvet Moon - 16hh 8 year old mare owned by Eva Trotter - competes at Novice / Elementary Dressage
  • Molly - 16hh 4 year old mare owned by Eva Trotter - will be doing BE this year
  • Bud, Jack, Scally, Bazil and Buck are all retired
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    It's been a rather hectic few weeks with loads of teaching, competing and visits from physio's, saddle fitters, blacksmiths and the vets to do dental work and routine vaccinations! But we have been able to fit various different events inbetween.

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    Floors Castle Horse Trials

    We have had another busy fews weeks here. Candy was at Floors Castle in the CIC* - our first international together! Stan also went up to Floors to do the BYEH 5-year-old class.

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    Good Run at Richmond

    We had another good run last weekend, this time at Richmond Horse Trials, our local event. The weather was for once on side and the going was actually rather firm, it is normally really soft there this time of year! 

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    Clever Ponies

    We have had a busy week out and about eventing, along with training and teaching. 

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    So the first weekend back eventing didn't quite go as I had planned! Stan acted like a total pro and not at all like a first time out 5-year-old, however I had a totally unforgivable moment of madness with Candy in the Open Novice.

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    Start of the Season

    At last it’s nearly the start of the season for my horses - I can't wait to get the boys and girls out for a spin! I was toying with the idea of starting earlier in the season but knowing what the weather can be like in March I opted to spend the time going to BD, BS and some hunter trials instead.

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    It's an exciting time of year, spring is just round the corner and the eventing season is rapidly approaching. The horses have been wintered well and are now out and about competing and training.

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    A Picture of Health

    I'm glad to report that all the horses are still on good form and feeling fab on their Dengie diet of Healthy Tummy and balancer, the results can be seen in the photos Mark Harvey recently took, they look the picture of health.

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    Full Stream Ahead

    I have been full steam ahead since getting the all clear to ride again! The young horses are all enjoying being back in work and actually all feel better for having the time off!

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    Back In The Saddle

    Finally after a very long 11 weeks I had my first sit on a horse today!!! This is probably still earlier than I should be on as my hand isn't healing very well, but I can't tell you how nice it was to be back in the saddle.

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