A trip to A&E is never good news

Last week Susie Gibson was here for show jumping sessions; Carrot, Maisie, Sparkle and Sonyk all went. We worked on straightness on approach and landing and also on keeping the canter moving on around turns. All the horses were fab and came away very happy!

On Wednesday Bob and Carrot were out doing dressage at Northallerton, both boys were good winning one class each and coming 3rd in another.

Friday was a trip to the gallops with Carrot, Sparkle and Sonyk. Carrot and Sparkle are both fighting fit and found it all very easy; Sonyk on the other hand found it super exciting and set off thinking he was a sprinter. This lasted 20 yards before he realised he wasn't and then I think it would have been quicker for me to get off and carry him up the hill!

On Saturday, after finding out Auckinleck was cancelled due to heavy rain, I managed to get a late entry for Bob at Richmond. He was rather excited to be doing tempi changes again, they came off much better than Wednesday and he won both the Advanced Medium and the Advanced - clever pony!

Sunday didn't quite go as expected Buck and Maisie were out eventing at Northallerton. Buck did a nice test with one blip ( a spook at the flapping tent!) to score 32.5. The wind got up and the show jumps had to have sand bags on them to hold them down, Buck jumped well but just lost concentration at the last and had it down. On the way to the XC he spooked at something in the wind and I came off! I spent the rest of the day in A&E having X-rays on my leg! Poor Maisie just had a trip out and went home without getting out of the box! The good news is that there's nothing broken but I’m on crutches awaiting an MRI scan on my knee...so no riding for a while!


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