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Katie Wiliams

I’ve been working as a nutritionist since 1998 and have been Technical Manager at Dengie since 2003. My role combines technical support for customers and staff, product development, ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations and more recently, responsibility for Dengie’s environmental and social policies. I am ultimately responsible for the products and so I work very closely with the production and quality control teams too.

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What are your career highlights?

The main one was gaining a distinction for my Masters degree – that was really hard work as I was working full-time and studying part time for two years. Being the first winners of the BETA Feedline of the Year award in 2006 was very exciting too. I am also very pleased with the success of Healthy Hooves which was the first complete feed Dengie have ever launched – the feedback from horse owners has been amazing.

What’s the best bit about your job?

I love the diversity of the things I do – no two days are ever the same. Hearing how the products you’ve created are helping horses and their owners is particularly rewarding.

Hobbies and Interests

Sport, exercise and the countryside basically sum up my life! I am on the committee of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in East Anglia and enjoy helping my family show their rare breeds of sheep. Most weekends are spent cycling or walking and I have just started to share my husband’s enthusiasm for photography. I’m also discovering that I quite enjoy learning more about history too with the Tudor period my favourite at the moment.

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    Cooking Potatoes

    As I tuck into my porridge it seemed the appropriate time to share the findings of a review I heard about in August. The latest thinking is that the rapid increase in human brain size that occurred 800,000 years ago was due to humans learning to cook potatoes and other sources of starchy carbohydrates!

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    And Now for Something Completely Different (as they say)

    This week I made my way into London to the Burberry head office for a networking event organised by the Royal Warrant Holders Association to promote the Inspiring Women campaign which is part of the Inspiring the Future campaign.

  • Lizard Stallions

    No Two Days are ever the Same

    No two days are ever the same at Dengie which is one of the many things I love about my job. After catching up with customers, friends and colleagues at Burghley I headed to Cornwall with Andrea our Area Sales Manager for the South West.

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    No Rest for the Wicked

    Summer used to be a quieter time when I caught up with all the tasks on the bottom of the “to do” list but not anymore! At the beginning of August I was at Liphook Veterinary Hospital for the training day that Dengie organised for local stockists.

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    A Sunny & Successful Windsor Weekend

    The Royal Windsor Horse Show provided the ideal opportunity for meeting up with the Balmoral team who were showing Balmoral Gemini in the Highland youngstock classes. 

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    Careers Day and Staff Training

    This month I've been busy with talks, staff training and meetings, including one for Rare Breed Survival Trust, it is an exciting time with lots of changes and developments afoot as equines are increasing in priority as a species!  

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    Manic March!

    March has been manic, visiting the National Equine Forum in London and jetting off to Poland

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    It's been all the B's

    It’s been all the B’s, Barcelona, Brimingham and Belfast in the last couple of weeks.

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