Manic March!

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by Katie Wiliams

March has been manic! 

In early March I attended the National Equine Forum in London which was a fascinating day of talks and presentations. A key theme for one of the sessions was how to reduce the number of unwanted horses in the UK. Both Redwings and the World Horse Welfare gave talks and were encouraging everyone to really think long and hard before putting their mare in foal. There were a number of interesting presentations all relating to improving rider and horse straightness. It was apparent that it is a bit of a chicken and egg situation in that problems in the rider can cause problems in the horse and vice versa but it was encouraging to hear at British team level how much more effectively problems can be solved if vets, saddlers, physios etc all work together.

Last week I was in Poland for the first time spending time with our distributor over there and giving two presentations at the Cavaliada Horse Show in Warsaw. We visited some fabulous yards with amazing facilities and some very nice sports horses. I know I’m biased but it was very easy to see the difference between the horses fed very traditional rations consisting of high levels of oats and those that were being fed Dengie rations. Unsurprisingly gastric ulcers is a significant problem and this was an area I focussed on in the talks I gave to vets and breeders. The attendance at the talks was great and it was so nice to meet so many people who were hungry for information and so enthusiastic to learn. Giving a presentation with a translator was a new experience!  I really had to think carefully about what I said, trying not use too much jargon or slang words that a translator wouldn’t know the meaning of!

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