Fibre in your horse's diet - top tips

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by Katie Wiliams

Check out these four simple tips from the Dengie nutrition team that will help you to make fibre the focus of your horse's diet!

Tip 1 - Strike the Balance

How much grass your horse can have is determined by his body condition and how much grass you've got. If you have lots and your horse's body condition is just right, all you need to do is provide a source of vitamins and minerals to balance his diet, such as Dengie Vits & Mins or a Dengie Balancer. Making sure your horse's diet is balanced is important because our soils lack minerals such as selenium and copper which means the plants that grow on those soils lack them too. As a result, a forage-based diet won't supply everything your horse needs. He'll need a little help! 

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Tip 2 - Top Up Short Supplies

If you haven't got enough grass, which is often the case in winter, then you'll need to provide your horse with conserved grass such as hay, haylage or a hay replacer such as the Dengie Hi-Fi Lite or Hi-Fi Senior. As explained in Tip 1, if your horse's weight is just right, you can feed the hay or haylage ad-lib, just remember to add a balancer or supplement to make up for any deficiencies in the forage and, as a result, balance his diet. 

Tip 3 - Manage Good Doers

If your horse is one that can live on fresh air - you know, the air that just happens to be green! - his access to pasture and forage needs to be restricted or he's likely to get fat. 

Of course it takes a lot of discipline and effort to prevent a horse from putting on weight, especially when he's designed to eat most of the time, but it's essential to do so for his health and wellbeing.

For these horses, using a low-calorie forage, such as Dengie Hi-Fi Lite or Hi-Fi Good Do-er and feeding them little and often is key to calorie control while maintaining gut health.

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Tip 4 - Help Skinny Minnies

If your horse needs more than grass and ad-lib forage can provide, make fibre-based feeds your first choice for his feed bucket. 


Fibre provides plenty of slow-release energy and, when combined with oil like in Dengie Alfa-A Oil, matches the energy levels found in cereal-based feeds, even those for performance horses, and often with around 10 times less starch! Some fibre feeds, such as Dengie Healthy Tummy have vitamins and minerals added but if not, a balancer or supplement appropriate for your horse's workload is all you'll need alongside.

If you need some nutritional advice for your  horse or would like to know more about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact the Dengie Feedline team on 0845 345 5115 (charges may apply) or chat live to a nutritionist.


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