Testimonial: Spitz

Ann Cooper and her 11-year-old ex-racer, Spitz, recently attended a Dengie Diet Clinic run by Area Sales Manager Ryann Walker.

“I rescued Spitz a year and a half ago and he arrived in a very sorry state with 100kg to gain,” recalls Ann. “I decided to feed him Dengie after a visit from one of the company’s nutrition team.” A diet was put together for him consisting of Dengie Alfa-A Molasses Free and Alfa-Beet to help Spitz gain condition.”

Ryann recently met up with Ann and Spitz at another Dengie Diet Clinic. “Spitz is now looking much healthier and happier in himself, scoring a perfect 3 in the body condition test,” she says. “ His diet has changed slightly to adjust to his condition and workload, but he is still a Dengie boy!”

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