Helping to Gain Condition After Surgery Complications

Dengie customer Lea Bennett contacted the Dengie team to tell us about her Clydesdale gelding Sunningdale Torrin and how Alfa-A Oil helped him gain condition after complications following surgery for a hernia.

“Sunningdale Torrin came to me a year ago, on Christmas Day, as a 19-month-old registered Clydesdale. He was completely unhandled but was already so gentle.

“A few days later, I noticed he had an umbilical hernia, which was rather large. In March, he went to the Royal Veterinary College to have the hernia repaired. Although his temperature was high the day after surgery, he came home four days later. Because his temperature was still high, our vet ran blood tests but we couldn't find what was wrong. Torrin was losing weight by the day, even though he was on hard feed and had as much haylage as he wanted. The vet felt around his incision site, which had healed well, and then she felt a warm liquid – a huge abscess had burst inside Torrin! It took over a week to drain, but then his temperature came down and he was soon on the mend.

Sunningdale Torrin Before

“But a 16.1hh young Clydesdale dropping to around 400kg was going to take work to get right. We changed him onto Alfa-A Oil four times a day and the weight came back on him, but with condition too. He's never looked better! Nine months on, he is now 17.2/17.3hh and looks amazing. He has just gone through a growth spurt, so dropped a little weight, but is still in good condition. He will never be without Dengie in his diet!”

Sunningdale Torrin After

If you would like to know more about Alfa-A Oil or need some feeding advice, don’t hesitate to contact the Dengie Feedline team on 0845 345 5115 or chat live to a nutritionist online.

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