Testimonial: Marty

Steph Gumn contacted the Dengie Facebook page to tell us how pleased she was with the results of feeding a fibre diet to her 16.1hh German gelding, Marty.

"I started feeding a fibre diet to Marty after studying equine nutrition at university,” she says. “I wanted a feed that would provide him with the energy needed to compete to a high standard, help him keep weight on but, at the same time, not blow his mind. I understood from my studies how important fibre is for digestion, so I decided a fibre-based feed with oil was the way forward and Dengie Alfa-A Oil has turned out to be the perfect solution.

"Since Marty has been on his Dengie diet, he has had enough energy without getting hot-headed and spooky. We have gone from jumping British Novice to Newcomers in six months and our aim in 2014 will be the 6 Year Old classes and Foxhunter."

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