Testimonial: Harvey

Karen Smith recently contacted the Dengie feedline to let us know how much her 28-year-old pony Harvey, aka Gold Harvest, has improved since being fed Dengie Alfa-A Original.

"Harvey came to us with little or no appetite," recalls Karen. "He was difficult to feed and get weight on, plus his droppings were always loose, so stomach ulcers came to mind. We decided to try feeding Dengie Alfa-A Original after reading about the natural buffering qualities of alfalfa.

"Since Harvey has been on the feed, he has found his appetite again - he's put weight on and looks really contented. His droppings are back to normal and he eats all of his dinner! Harvey's performance speaks for itself as he was selected for the England Team in Scotland and qualified for Hoys Pony Showjumper 2013 - all at the tender age of 28!”

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