Lilly's Improved Feeding Regime

A lovely message from a happy Dengie customer!

Ros Jefferies says...

"Lilly is a 15.2h, 6 year old, TBx who is currently light work – hacking twice a week plus schooling three times a week. She’s such a good-doer that she only has to look at a feed bucket and will gain weight! Dengie Feed Advisor, Bryoni Stephenson visited Triley Equestrian Centre, last winter where Lilly was weighed, condition scored and nutritional advice was given. Lilly weighed 552kg, was given a body condition score of 3.25 (on the 1 to 5 scale) and Bryoni recommended Alfa-A Balancer. I monitored Lilly’s weight during the winter and at the last visit Lilly weighed in at a healthy 546kg with a perfect condition score of 3! I’m delighted with how well she looks, her coat is shining and she’s a picture of health. It’s great that the diet clinics are a regular feature at Triley Equestrian Centre they have proved to be very popular with the liveries here."

ros and lilly

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