Dengie Supplements

Dengie's range of supplements can be divided into those designed to maintain gut health, those that contain vitamins and minerals.

Digestive Supplements

Probiotics, prebiotics and yeast culture can be added to the horse's diet to enhance digestive function and create a healthier digestive tract. They should be of a particular benefit to horses and ponies that are vulnerable to digestive upsets such as youngstock or those that may have compromised gut health due to old age or the stress of competing. Click here to read more about Dengie Digestive Health Plus.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements can be used alongside forage to ensure that a horse's diet is balanced or when less than the recommended quantities of a compound feed is used. Leisure Vits & Mins and Performance Vits & Mins, Dengie's broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements, are especially useful when following the 'feeding fibre first' principle, as they are formulated to complement an alfalfa based concentrate ration.

All our supplements carry the Dengie Supplement Promise - your assurance of quality and peace of mind.

  • Complementary Dietary Care
  • Consistent Quality Nutrition
  • Specific Health Support
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