Energy without the Fizz!

Amy Sharman, got in touch to let us know how well her two horses are doing on a Dengie fibre diet.

"I came aross Dengie Feeds about 10 years ago in Your Horse magazine. They was an article written by the Dengie nutrition team about why a fibre diet was more suitable for horses than cereal based diets. It made perfect sense to me that a horse should have a diet as close to their natural diet" says Amy. "At the time I owned a cob in her late teens, whom I hunted and did fun rides with. I struggled to keep weight on her so I tried Dengie Alfa-A Oil which did the trick. I was so impressed I've fed Dengie ever since."

"I currently have two horses now, Cantique - an ex racer and Bella - whom came to me unbroken and malnourished. They are both on a Dengie fibre diet and look fantastic for it. I did try Cantique on a mix when I first got her but soon changed her onto a fibre diet when her behaviour was uncontrollable. On a fibre diet she now gets enough energy for her workload without the fizzy behaviour."
Bella before small





Bella after1 small






Tique Dengie2 small






Pictures from top to bottom: Bella when she first arrived, Bella now looking a picture of health on her Dengie diet, Cantique

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