Golden Oldies Love a Fibre Diet

Susan Smith, got in touch to let us know how well her retired horses were doing on a fibre diet. 

Jazz and Smartie small"When I bought Smartie, a 26yr old IDxTB, nearly four years ago he wasn’t in the best of condition, he was on the skinny side with fairly poor feet, so I started researching different horse feeds, I had a really useful chat with one of the Dengie reps at Blair Horse Trials and searched through lots of journal articles and came to the conclusion that a high fibre,low sugar and starch diet would be the best" says Susan. "After lots of geeky spreadsheets comparing feed values and cost of various feeds, Dengie Alfa-A Oil came out on top as best value for money which would help him put on weight and be kind to his feet (and my pocket!). Within 3-4 months of him being on it he looked great! His feet have improved so much I’ve been able to take his shoes off and keep them off. He doesn’t need Alfa-A Oil now, so gets Alfalfa Pellets or Alfa-Beet depending on the time of year and goodness of the grass etc. In the summer months I can give him the Hi-Fi Molasses Free as a wee something to mix through his supplements. In the last couple of years his front teeth have changed so much they no longer meet, knowing I can give him good conditioning mushy feeds gives me confidence he’ll manage just fine for a good while to come."

"Jazz, my 21yr old Heinz 57, is prone to laminitis and is a good doer so again a high fibre, low sugar and starch diet is a must for him and Dengie offer plenty of options for that with no hidden ingredients, Jazz is also unshod now and I’ve no doubt the low sugar and starch diet has helped keep him sounder than he has been in years. He has been known to be picky with feeds, but he will eat all of the Dengie feeds I’ve given him with no complaints. He also gets the Hi-Fi Molasses Free in the summer for his supplements."

"Both are doing really well for their age, and will hoon about the field with the young ones given half a chance, they certainly haven’t read the book that says horses over 20 slow down! I only wish someone had told me about the benefits of a high fibre diet a very long time ago!"

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