Stacey Shimmons and Orion’s Promise

Stacey Shimmons is an event rider from Suffolk. Her top horse, Orion’s Promise (also known as Ben), was originally from Ireland. Together, he and Stacey have built a great partnership, working up from BE90 level to completing Barbury, Houghton, Hartputy and Branham CIC3*. They are hoping to move up to 4* in the coming year.

“Ben still has a lot to give and doesn’t realise just how much talent he has,” says Stacey. “I love working with him. He’s intelligent, kind and giving, but trot-ups are another story! He gets extremely stubborn and pretends that he’s tired – I end up having to drag him like a donkey while he naps. Luckily, he generally trots back well. I think he just likes showing me up!”

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Claire Akers, Dengie’s Performance Horse Nutritionist, is a regular visitor to Stacey’s schooling and livery yard to weigh the horses and offer diet advice. She has helped Stacey move her horses onto a nutrition plan based on highly digestible fibre feeds.

“Recently, we have moved away from cereal diets to prevent colic, azoturia and digestion problems,” says Stacey. “Since the change, the horses have all put on weight and condition. After a lot of research and Claire’s guidance, we now really look into the ingredients and exactly what is going into the bags of feed.

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“I have used Dengie products for the past sixteen years and all of the liveries and youngstock at my yard have diets based on Dengie fibres, alongside sugar beet, balancer and linseed. I'm happy our horses are having the best quality feed and receiving a balanced diet. It is extremely beneficial to have the nutritionist out to weigh and guide you on the best diet. One of my aims for the year is to keep Ben looking healthy and strong, keeping excess weight to the minimum. With continuous training and the right nutrition, he’s definitely going to be one to watch in the near future.”

If you would like to know more about feeding a fibre diet, or would like some advice about changing your horse’s feed ration, don’t hesitate to contact the Dengie Feedline team on 0845 345 5115 or email

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