Thriving on a Simple Diet

Kirsty Norwood, from Carlisle, got in touch to let us know how well her horses did on a Dengie fibre diet. “They are really thriving,” she says. “We have always given our ponies Dengie feeds as far back as I can remember. Our 25-year-old Welsh Section B, Charlie, is prone to laminitis, so we feed him Dengie Hi-Fi Lite. He has always had a fibre diet and is in great condition for his age.

 “My two competition horses, Java – a 16hh TB x Appaloosa – and Abbie – a 16.1hh Irish sport horse – are also given fibre feed and look great for it. I really like Dengie Alfa-A Oil, as it gives them enough energy for their workload and helps with their condition – minus the fizz! Abbie can be quite sensitive to feeds, so a simple diet really suits her.”

Charlie small






Java small






Abbie small






Pictures from top to bottom: Charlie, Java, Abbie

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