Dengie Sponsors Rare Breeds Survival Trust poster

Dengie has sponsored a new poster published by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust featuring the UK’s native horse and pony breeds. Eleven of the breeds are on the RBST’s watchlist of endangered breeds and some, including the Hackney and Suffolk, are in the Critical category, with fewer than 300 registered breeding mares remaining. The RBST hopes the poster will help to raise awareness of native breeds and highlight their many qualities.

“Dengie has been working with native breeds producers, such as Lizzie Briant, for a number of years and my own involvement goes back more than 25 years to when I was brought up on a rare breeds farm park,” explained Dengie senior nutritionist and technical manager Katie Williams. “I have seen first hand how versatile and dependable our native breeds are and, by working with the RBST, we can hopefully encourage more horse owners to choose these wonderful breeds.

“My work in the field of nutrition gives me the opportunity to promote the importance of a fibre diet for horses and ponies across the board – whether in competition or golden oldies enjoying their retirement. I am proud to say that Dengie has a feed for every one of them, in every situation – including native breeds that thrive on a fibre ration, which helps to maintain gut health and keeps feeding behaviours as natural as possible.”

The RBST stands at the Royal Three Counties and Royal Norfolk Shows this year will feature Ted the Clydesdale, owned by RBST Equine Ambassador Sally- Anne Oultram, as well as other native horse and pony breeds.

The poster is available from the RBST for £5 including postage and packing.

For more information on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust visit


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