Winter Feeding Tips

Feeding can sometimes be a bit mind boggling, especially in the winter but don’t fear Dengie are here to help. Our team of equine nutritionists are just a phone call or email away to help you put together a simple diet to keep your horse healthy and happy through the winter months. Being horse owners themselves they are only too familiar with the struggles of keeping a horse through winter, and are only too happy to share their tips and solutions to common problems that you may encounter.

Below are the top 5 tips from Team Dengie;

  • Think Fibre first Grazing will tend to become restricted as horses spend more time in the stable. Hi-Fi Original, Hi-Fi Lite and Hi-Fi Senior can all be used as partial or total hay replacers. The breakdown of fibre generates heat, helping to keep your horse snug in winter.
  • Saving Money Did you know that Dengie’s Alfa-A Original contains as much energy as a cool mix? This product can provide energy and fibre, enabling you to remove or reduce cereals from the ration, which can help to reduce those winter feed bills.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On Winter weather can impact on a horse’s workload, which might result in fizzy behaviour. Dengie’s Alfa-A Oil contains as much energy as a competition or conditioning mix, but in slow-release form. This will help to keep your horse in good condition without encouraging over-excitable behaviour and provide more chew time.
  • Have a ball Stable toys are an excellent way to reduce boredom. A snack ball filled with Alfalfa Pellets can increase fibre intake and help to keep your horse stimulated. Research has shown that offering a variety of chopped fibre, such as Hi-Fi Senior, with apples and carrots tucked away encourages foraging and helps to increase fibre intake.
  • Hydration Horses tend to drink less during the winter months. To reduce the risk of dehydration, include Alfa-Beet within your horse’s bucket feed. Low in sugar and starch, with NO molasses or additives, it’s also ideal for veterans with poor dentition.


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