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Beth Scott International Polocrosse player

International Polocrosse player Beth Scott, has always fed a complete Dengie fibre diet to her A grade ponies. In the past Beth has had some issues with one of her mares tying up. For horses that suffer ER, the feeding recommendations are to provide a ration that is low in sugar and starch and to supply a good quality vitamin and mineral source ensuring that levels of vitamin E and selenium are optimal as these are important antioxidants that protect muscle cells.

The Dengie Nutrition team recommended the following diet:

“I love Dengie fibre feeds, they’re easy to feed and there is plenty of choice for even my fussiest of horses. Alongside their bucket feeds all of my polocrosse ponies receive two handfuls of Dengie Alfalfa Pellets before I play to help buffer stomach acidity during intense and fast games.”