A challenge to manage weight and ulcers

Amber is an 8 year old 16.1hh British Warmblood who was diagnosed with squamous and glandular ulcers in February 2022. Despite being treated by the vet with both misoprostol and omeprazole, Amber’s ulcers hadn’t improved when she was rescoped a month later. Typically for many horses with ulcers, Amber had a poor appetite and wasn’t eating much hay so her management was changed allowing her more turnout time. This seemed to help and Amber was scoped clear in May 2022 much to her owner Lydia’s relief. Amber was kept on an ulcer friendly diet but being a good doer, she started to gain too much weight. This was a particular concern to Lydia who is a 4th year vet student as Ambre has arthritis in her hocks and a previous stifle injury, never mind the increased risk of laminitis.

As Dengie’s Performance Horse Nutritionist Claire Akers had been visiting regularly to monitor Amber’s progress, Claire suggested trialling Amber on a new feed in the Dengie range called Ulser Lite. Developed for horse’s just like Amber, Dengie Ulser Lite is the ideal alternative to the higher calorie ulcer friendly feed she had been having. Being lower calorie, it meant Amber could have a larger quantity of Ulser Lite to provide her with additional fibre and chew time that is key for helping to reduce the risk of ulcers developing.

Alongside Ulser Lite, Amber is fed a vitamin and mineral supplement to provide her with a balanced diet. She also has her grazing restricted by using both strip grazing and a grazing muzzle to reduce her grass intake but allow her to stay out in her field for longer which she really benefits from. The hay she has when in the stable is soaked to reduce the sugar level and spread into multiple nets to help it last longer.

“It has been a big challenge to manage Amber’s weight as well as the ulcers but with Dengie Ulser Lite I have found a happy medium!” says Amber’s owner Lydia. “Amber loves the Ulser Lite and it’s great that I can give her larger quantities without worrying about giving her too many calories”.

Lydia and Amber