Our Story

Dengie started over 50 years ago and the farming families who founded the company still grow the alfalfa today. They all farm in a special part of Essex and have an inherent relationship with the land. They know and understand the importance of sustainable farming – it is why many choose to grow the alfalfa itself as they recognise the benefits this incredible plant offers to the soil, wildlife and wider environment. Dengie Doesn’t Cost the Earth is our commitment to ensure that sustainability remains at the heart of everything we do and our promise that we will always be working hard to improve the ways in which we do things.

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Our Actions

A timeline of the actions we have taken or achievements we have made so far.

Our Partners

Find out more about our partners, their great work and why Dengie chooses to support them.

Our Pledge to Reduce Plastic Waste

We have a strong ethos in producing sustainable feeds and we continue to look into ways to develop our packaging to ensure it is as environmentally-friendly as possible.

How you can help

Our top tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle not just at home, but around the yard too.

Product Origins

We know your first priority is your horse’s health and well-being, but we also know you care about the environment too. Discover our origins so you know exactly where your horse’s feed comes from.