Nutritional Consultation & Yard Visit

Our team are starting to visit yards again, however we are having to consider each request on a case by case basis. As we are a relatively small team, visits are limited to the following situations or scenarios:

Equine nutritional consultation

What to expect from a Dengie Nutritional Consultation

How to book a Yard Visit

If you think that your horses or group would benefit from a Dengie Yard Visit please click here to email our nutrition team and we will be back in contact**

Alternatively, if you need a quick answer to a simple question then please don’t hesitate to call our nutrition team on 01621 841188 or fill out our feed advice form.


*Please note that we are unable to offer purely a weighing service for the purposes of worming or lorry/trailer capacity. Many vet practices now offer a weighing service for a small fee. Public weighbridges can be used to weigh your Lorry/Trailer with/without your horse on board. To find your nearest public weighbridge visit the following website

**Although every effort will be made to offer a Nutritional Consultation due to the small size of our team there are occasions that we may be unable to meet your requirements.