Our Pledge to Reduce Plastic Waste

Dengie have a strong ethos in producing sustainable feeds and we continue to look into ways to develop our packaging to ensure it is as environmentally-friendly as possible. Building on trials with carbon-neutral packaging for our Hi-Fi Original product, we have now introduced recycled packaging across our whole range of feeds and bedding products. Dengie’s highly popular Hi-Fi Lite feed was the first in our range to appear in the new recycled packaging which contains as much recycled plastic as it is currently possible to use. It is all the more impressive as the Hi-Fi Lite packaging can still be recycled (LDPE 4) where facilities exist.

By including recycled plastic in our packaging, Dengie are providing an outlet for used plastic. This is important in helping to manage plastic waste; an issue that has attracted huge interest over the last few years. Katie Williams, Dengie’s Technical Manger highlighted the importance of packaging for horse feed, “The plastic packaging is vital for ensuring Dengie’s feeds remain fresh and protected from the elements as well as reducing the risk of contamination – a particularly important consideration for those feeding competition or racehorses. To achieve this for paper packaging it is often coated with wax or lacquer which prevents the packaging from being recycled after use”.

Whilst many Dengie bags are re-used on the yard for other functions, it is comforting to know that when they do reach the end of their lifecycle they can be recycled and could ultimately end up in another Dengie bag!


Dengie Hi-Fi Lite