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Alfalfa is not just for horses!

Its great protein and calcium levels make it ideal for dairy animals such as cows, goats and sheep and it is widely used for camelids such as alpacas and for herbivorous zoo animals too. The addition of grass based products to the Dengie range provides more feeding options too.

In addition, our Fresh Bed for Chickens which was developed in conjunction with the British Hen Welfare Trust, provides a consistent quality bedding for all poultry.

To learn more about the benefits of feeding alfalfa to ruminants and poultry on a large-scale business, such as dairy and poultry farmers, please visit our sister website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Fresh Bed for my rabbits?

Unfortunately, the pine oil added to Fresh Bed makes it unsuitable for rabbits. It is a natural anti-bacterial which is why it is useful for poultry but rabbits are particularly sensitive to the pine oil so it should not be used for them.

What straw is used in Fresh Bed?

Wheat straw is used in Fresh Bed. It is dust-extracted and chopped to provide a soft and cosy bedding.

Can I dispose of Fresh Bed in my compost?

Yes, the straw rots down much quicker than the wood or shavings found in other bedding so it makes a great addition to your compost. The pine oil is of natural origin so is also fine to add to the compost.

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