Keep your chicken’s warm this winter

Chickens are remarkably resilient birds that can adapt well to the climate around them.  They are warm-blooded with a body temperature of 40-43°C and have a high metabolism which all helps them to adapt well to colder temperatures. Thanks to this, it is relatively easy to keep your chickens warm in winter.

A chicken’s feathers act as a natural insulation, they will ruffle their feathers up when they are cold, retaining their body heat and trapping the warm air between their down under-feathers. Their legs and feet are covered in scales which can retain heat to a certain extent, but not as effectively as their feathered bodies. This is why they can be seen with one leg and foot tucked up into the warmth of their feathers when it is cold to help reduce heat loss. When perching or roosting, the chicken can fluff their feathers up and tuck both their legs in to keep warm.

Store energy with bird feed

Chickens tend to eat more when it is colder over winter as more energy is used in helping to keep them warm. Extra feed offered in the evening will help act as an internal heater for the chicken as they digest their food overnight. It is also important to check and clear their water of any ice ensuring they always have fresh water available to drink.

Chicken in coop

Fresh bedding is great insulation

Nesting boxes should be lined with soft and dry bedding to provide warmth and comfort for chickens. Chickens will often keep themselves warm by cuddling up together in their coop so providing extra bedding in the colder months will help to keep warm. Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens is perfect for providing insulation in the colder months as well as absorbing any moisture, droppings and smells.

chicken in coop

Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens is made from chopped and dust extracted straw with a pine oil coating, providing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Fresh Bed was developed in association with the British Hen Welfare Trust to provide a clean and warm bed in winter for your chickens that is dust free and smells fresh. Most importantly chickens love it!

For more information about Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens or for help and advice on keeping your chickens warm in winter, call the Dengie Helpline: 01621 841188 or visit our contact page.