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Corporate Social Responsibility


This statement sets out how Dengie Crops Ltd takes responsibility for its economic, social and environmental impacts in its business operations. By demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees and community. Our aim is to operate in a way that ensures a sustainable future which will be achieved by reducing our carbon footprint and striving to be more efficient in our operations.

Environmental Objectives

As an agricultural based company, protection of the environment in which we live and operate is core to Dengie’s values and principles. We therefore undertake to:

The Directors will ensure that the Company reduces its environmental impact by:

Local Community

The Directors will also ensure that our work with the local community involves:


The Directors will also ensure that we deal responsibly, openly and fairly with customers and potential clients by:

Employees & Labour


The operational and ultimate responsibility for the commitment to our corporate social responsibility principles lies with the Directors of Dengie Crops Ltd. Every employee is expected to give their full co-operation to the above principles in their activities at work.

The effectiveness of the Policy Statement will be monitored and reviewed at least annually by the Directors to ensure the Company’s continuing compliance with any relevant legislation and to meet new business requirements and to identify areas in need of improvement.