A tasty low starch and sugar feed for a hot headed, good doer!

Yarrow had always fed Dengie Hi-Fi Original but switched Luca, her 5-year-old Lusitano, to Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free two years ago after taking part in a blind taste test on behalf of The Laminitis Site.

“When tasting the different chaffs, Luca was very keen on what was revealed to be Dengie’s Hi-Fi Molasses Free and undoubtedly preferred this to the others, which he picked at rather than actively enjoyed eating!”

“Although Luca is not actually laminitic, he is a good doer and also very hot headed, so I try to keep sugar levels to a minimum to avoid weight gain and excess energy. Alongside careful grazing management and soaking his hay, Hi-Fi Molasses Free has enabled me to control both Luca’s weight and energy levels positively. As he is a young horse I am limited to how much work he can do which means it is great to have a palatable feed that doesn’t make him gain weight or get fizzy.”

“Luca also recently had surgery and was on a short period of box rest with oral medication. I found that just a handful of Hi-Fi Molasses Free was enough to get him to eat his medication and also kept him occupied during the day when put in a treat ball. This is brilliant as although he had a lot of energy, he was still manageable, and best of all didn’t put on any weight!”

“I have produced Luca myself from a 2-year-old and we are currently working at Novice / Elementary level dressage at home. He has placed every time he has been out in both dressage and showing so far and we planning on attending some flatwork clinics and affiliated British Dressage soon.”

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