At risk of developing laminitis if weight wasn’t under control

When Eleanor bought Izzy in April 2019 for her daughter Jenny, Izzy’s bodyweight was already of major concern due to her previous access to lush pastures and little to no ridden work for many months prior to her purchase. Eleanor’s vet warned her that Izzy would be at high risk of developing laminitis if her weight wasn’t brought back under control.

Izzy Before

After receiving this worrying information, Eleanor arranged to take part in a weighbridge clinic with Dengie Area Manager Adam Ford, in May 2019, for some help devising a diet plan. Izzy weighed over 550kg and had a large fat coverage with a body condition score of 4.5 out of 5.

Adam advised a strict diet of 4kg soaked hay, double netted to help it last longer, as well as using a grazing muzzle to restrict grass intake. He recommended a bucket feed of Dengie Hi-Fi Molasses Free with a vitamin and mineral supplement to provide Izzy with a balanced diet.

Alongside the diet recommendations, Jenny kept Izzy on a regular exercise programme to improve her fitness and help promote weight loss. Within two months of sticking to Adam’s recommendations they could see a difference in Izzy’s body condition and the weigh tape showed her at a weight of 511kg.

In February 2020 Izzy had a check up from the saddle fitter and it was clear her weight and health had improved drastically. A revised weigh tape measurement of 464kg was taken and she was given a body condition score of 3.5 out of 5.

Now Eleanor says Izzy is looking and working brilliantly. She is still kept on a restricted diet as she is such a good doer, but the Hi-Fi Molasses Free has helped to keep her weight in check. Her latest measurement on the weigh tape in March 2021 was 420kg showing an incredible weight loss of over 100kg!

Izzy After