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Condition for Showing

Dengie customer Caroline Chambers got in touch recently to let us know how pleased she has been since changing her horse’s diet on to Dengie Alfa-A Oil.

“I started feeding Alfa-A Oil to my small hunter, Uisce (aka Copper) three months ago as I felt he needed some extra condition going into the showing season. His coat was dull in colour and dry so I felt he needed a bit of extra oil in his diet. Dengie Alfa-A Oil was the perfect solution!” says Caroline.


“After a short period of time the condition of his coat has improved immensely. He is out competing every week, hacked at least twice a week and has training sessions 3 times a week. He is improving all the time and is building muscle more and more each week. I would highly recommend anyone looking for that little bit of extra condition on their horse to give this 5* product a try!”


Dengie Alfa-A Oil is the ultimate pure alfalfa fibre feed for fuelling hard work, improving stamina and promoting condition. The high oil content comes from rape seed oil, which is ideal for those horses that are looking for show ring condition, healthy skin and coat shine!