Icon has gained condition, his coat is gleaming and he’s looking happy and healthy!

Icon, a 4-year-old Welsh Sec D owned by Jude Raywood was diagnosed with grade 3 ulcers in March 2023.

“My vet Jess Weigh BVetMed MRCVS at Equiscope was really helpful and supportive in the whole treatment and management process. Jess suggested I change Icon’s feed to Dengie Healthy Tummy to support his overall digestive health and as part of his on-going management” says Jude. “After making these changes and following the treatment plan Jess recommended Icon scoped clear of ulcers 4 weeks later!”

“Jess also suggested feeding a couple of handfuls of Dengie Healthy Tummy 20 minutes before exercise which seemed strange at first, but I have seen the benefits from doing it” says Jude. Dengie Healthy Tummy is a blend of chopped and pelleted alfalfa, which is a widely recognised ingredient for promoting digestive health due to its natural buffering properties. Providing a scoop of chopped fibre within 30 minutes before exercise makes sure that the fibrous mat within the horse’s stomach is maintained to reduce acid splashing about in the stomach. Acid splash in the squamous or non-glandular lining of the horse’s stomach is linked to gastric ulceration. Ideally, the chopped fibre fed before exercise should include alfalfa as research has shown that alfalfa particularly is a superior buffer to acidity within the horse’s digestive tract.

“Icon goes much better in our training sessions which I put down to him being more comfortable when he’s ridden” comments Jude. “In general, his appetite has improved, now he always leaves an empty feed bucket, he’s gained condition, his coat is gleaming and he’s looking happy and healthy – I will not have him on any other feed other than Dengie’s Healthy Tummy!”

Jude Raywood and Abergavenny Icon