The Perfect Blend For A Fussy Horse

“Adonis B (Ares) is the ultimate fusspot! I have tried so many feeds without any long term success, if he likes something for a week, he will refuse it the next.

On top of this, I find it difficult to maintain his weight but he can be rather excitable; so the temptation has been to just feed him what he will eat and suffer the consequences! A few months ago I contacted Claire Akers at Dengie who suggested I try Dengie’s Performance Fibre, the blend of alfalfa with tasty grass is definitely keeping Ares interested – it’s been a total breakthrough!

I’ve been able to remove the high starch feeds from his diet, feeding a fibre based ration has helped keep him more focused whilst training and competing plus he’s now asking for his dinner! I’m delighted, even during the toughest winter months he looks so well and is really blooming.” Anna Miller, Dressage Rider & Trainer