Lenny wows at Keysoe

Port Royal Regionals!

I’m feeling really excited about the approaching Regionals at Port Royal. Preperations are going well with planning down to the last detail, to make things a little tricky we also have a new head girl, I think she’s wondering what she has let herself in for. The physio came last Friday to give Potter and Lenny the once over and check for any sore spots, happily all good. Sherry of Albion saddles is coming on Monday to check the saddles are the perfect fit allowing the horses to give us their best performance, as they do change shape with muscle development whilst training and competing.

Training goes on pretty much as normal except I am not teaching the boys new exercises, as I don’t want to put them under extra pressure or stress. I am working hard on dissecting the tests – I’m riding a Elementary, Medium Advanced, Medium and PSG so lots to remember – working on isolated movements one at a time and trying to perfect them as much as possible. Hopefully we’ll both feel confident and at ease with the tests on the big day.

I have a checklist for the lorry – grooming kits, Dengie feed, clean saddlecloths, boots, saddles, bridles and that’s just the horses, I’ll also have team members to think of too!

We’re going to set off early on Thursday morning, so large Lenny can have an extra night in his own bed – wish us luck!