horse jumping fences

Ready and Raring To Go

I have just returned from fantastic day at the New Zealand Team Owners Day at Hartpury. I took six horses and had four clears in 1.15m and two four faulters in the 1.25m. It was a great opportunity to catch up with our team mates, get in a competition arena and jump some big enough tracks for the time of year. My gang were all in great form and I can’t wait for the season ‘proper’ to begin.

The horses have had their Dengie pre-season weigh-in with Performance Horse Nutritionist Claire Akers and it was very interesting to compare with the mid-season weights in August. The one I’m most happy with is Bosun, who has gained 40kg ā€“ this is a significant improvement on his slightly spindly former self! We also had our yard visit from the New Zealand team nutritionist Cath Dunnett, who was very encouraging of our Dengie diet and approves of our high-quality fibre approach to feeding.

New Zealand Team Photo courtsey of The Mark Todd Collection