Qualified BSHII

Reviewing Diets

Yesterday I had a yard visit from Dengie Performance Nutritionist, Claire Akers and Area Manager, Jo Harrow. They came to weigh my horses and do a review of their diets. The boys all happily walked straight on to the scales…rather them than me! Claire assessed their condition and had reviewed each individual diet. The main change Claire suggested is to add a vitamin and mineral supplement to all of the horses diets so we ensure they receive a balanced diet. Other than that Claire was happy with how they looked and the diets they are on. We will review them again after Christmas. If anyone is unsure of their horses diet or weight I would really recommended getting in touch with Dengie for some advice!

Before my visit from Dengie, Skipper had been out to a lesson with Susie Gibson! He is really coming on with his jumping and I am getting very excited about him! Below is a short video of him from yesterday!

Sparkle is back in work and had a short canter today – fingers crossed he is over the virus and on the mend, he certainly feels a lot brighter and his breathing is much better!

I also sat on Molly for the first time today since April after her respiratory infection. Eva and Stephen who own her have been spending the last 6 weeks doing walk work and a little trot work to bring her back into work. It was lovely to be back on her today!

Hopefully next season will go much better than this season and we will get out to some more competitions! Thanks again to Dengie for all the support and help they have given me!!!