Five Key Benefits of Healthy Tummy

Healthy Tummy is the ULTIMATE fibre feed to promote gut health in horses and ponies. A nutritionally balanced, medium-calorie fibre feed that fuels work and promotes condition and also contains the latest ingredients known to promote gut health.

Healthy Tummy Fibre Feed

Five Key Benefits of Healthy Tummy

1. Healthy Tummy provides 11.5MJ/kg of Digestible Energy, which is comparable to a medium energy mix or cube

2. Made from pure alfalfa which is naturally low in sugar and starch and is proven to maintain correct acidity levels in the digestive tract

3. Healthy Tummy contains ADM Protexin In-Feed Formula, which supplies prebiotics and yeast to promote a healthy microbial population vital for fibre digestion

4. Healthy Tummy is a nutritionally balanced fibre feed meaning it contains a high specification of vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins plus additional magnesium and calcium to help maintain optimal digestive health

5. Free from molasses and preservatives

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