Is your horse at risk of gastric ulcers?

Whilst most horse owners are aware of some of the risk factors associated with gastric ulcers, we don’t always appreciate everything that can increase the risk. Our handy new web-tool is designed to raise awareness of some of the lesser known risk factors of gastric ulcers and to draw people’s attention to how the cumulative effect of a number of different risks can increase the horse’s likeliness of developing them.

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“It’s often a combination of events that result in a clinical condition such as gastric ulcers, but by completing this quick questionnaire, we hope it will help to make horse owners stop and think about some of the things they can change in the management of their horse” explains Katie Williams M.Sc.(Dist) R Nutr, Technical & Product Development Manager at Dengie.

We have built our Ulcer Risk Calculator on a version produced in the USA and subsequently researched by an Italian research group who published a paper to test the accuracy of the survey. The Italian research group found the calculator to be useful in predicting the horse’s risk of developing gastric ulcers. When horses were scoped for ulcers after their owners had completed the survey of those that were identified as high risk, 94% did have ulcers and of those that came out as low risk in the survey, only 14% had ulcers. (Busechian, 2021). Evaluation of a questionnaire to detect the risk of developing ESGD or EGGD in horses – PubMed (

The intention of our new Ulcer Risk Calculator is to raise awareness of some of the risk factors that contribute to the development of ulcers. If you would like further information on the latest advice about gastric ulcers read our gastric ulcers in horses page. For personalised help and advice call the Dengie Feedline on 01621 841188 or fill out a feed advice form.