Product Origins – Alfa-A Oil

Alfa-A Oil combines two ingredients both of which are grown in the UK to create what we believe to be the most conditioning feed with the lowest “feed miles” available! Alfalfa is the incredible plant that is at the heart of the Dengie story. We have been growing it for over 50 years now and our growers know that in areas on their farms where alfalfa is part of the crop rotation, they see improvements in yields that they simply don’t see in other areas. This is because the deep roots of the alfalfa plants aids soil structure and because alfalfa stays in the ground for 3 to 4 years, the soil isn’t cultivated or disturbed as often as it would be when growing cereals. The other fascinating fact about alfalfa is that it moves the sugar it creates during photosynthesis into its roots for storage. This means the parts of the plant that we harvest for our feeds are naturally low in sugar and starch. This makes alfalfa great for the environment and the horse!
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Dengie Origins Alfa-A Oil

Product Origins - Alfa-A Oil

Alfalfa Grown Specifically For Horses

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Rapeseed Oil Grown In The UK

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Finest Fibre For Natural Nutrition

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Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

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