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Bronze product advisor course

An introduction to Dengie products

Bronze Course

  • 1. List the Dengie Alfa-A, Hi-Fi range and Grass range of fibre feeds in order of highest to lowest energy content (MJ/kg) - (10 marks)

  • 2. Give one advantage of precision drying alfalfa (1 mark)

  • 3. Other than Alfa-A Molasses Free and Hi-Fi Molasses Free, name two fibre based feeds in the Dengie range that do not include molasses (2 marks)

  • 4. If replacing cereal feeds with a feed from the Alfa-A range, what is the maximum that should be fed per day for a horse? (1 mark)

  • 5. Name 6 products from the Dengie range that are suitable for laminitis prone individuals (6 marks)

  • 6. What ingredient does Hi-Fi Original contain that Alfa-A Original does not? (1 mark)

  • 7. Other than the Healthy Range of fibre feeds, what chopped Dengie Fibre Feed contains added vitamins and minerals? (1 mark)

  • 8.What type of oil is included in Dengie Alfa-A Oil? (1 mark)

  • 9. Other than alfalfa, name one other ingredient in Healthy Tummy and Ulser Lite that supports digestive health? (1 mark)

  • 10. What coating is added to Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties? (1 mark)