Cereal free diet still provides plenty of energy and stamina

Ben is a 17.1hh ex event horse who had to retire from eventing due to partial paralysis of the left larynx meaning he can no longer gallop, jump and breathe for a sustained amount of time. Instead, Ben is now working at Medium level dressage and enjoying hacking and long distance rides. His owner Clare has always struggled with his topline, despite a high level of work and fitness regime.

In the past, Clare found cereal-based feeds made Ben very bolshy and difficult to handle on the ground. After taking advise from Katie Evans, one of Dengie’s Feed Advisor’s, Clare swapped Ben onto the Dengie Meadow Grass with Herbs & Oil alongside a balancer.

“Since swapping onto the Meadow Grass, Ben is not at all bolshy now, but still has plenty of energy and stamina. I can happily increase or reduce the Meadow grass as needed depending on his workload. His feet have improved and he looks better now than he ever has done! It is so easy to feed, one product with the balancer, to get all that Ben needs from his bucket feed”.

“I am so impressed and finally after owning him for 12 years, feel that I have found the feeding regime that suits him well. If he was still out eventing, I would most certainly be more than happy that this feed would be suitable for the work and training levels required”.

Horse and rider