Senior horse living an active lifestyle

Dermot is a 22-year-old Connemara who, despite being in his senior years, still lives a very active lifestyle. Dermot can often be seen out side saddle both in the hunting field and competing in dressage at Elementary level and Veteran and Working Hunter showing classes.

Horses tooth

Dermot has poor dentition; various diastemas and having had four teeth removed means he struggles to chew hay effectively and requires a partial forage replacer ration.

Dermot seems to go through fazes of being able to eat hay and not. At the moment, he is managing some soaked soft hay. Although this is offered ‘ad lib’ he will eat about 3kg while he is in overnight. He is out in the field during the day.

Dermot also has a mixture of Healthy Hooves Molasses Free and Hi-Fi Lite. He has 2kg of Healthy Hooves Molasses Free which provides him with the vitamins and minerals he needs for a balanced diet as well as added biotin and MSM for hoof health and joint support.

Hi-Fi Lite is then used flexibly alongside with the quantity fed increased or reduced according to how long he is in for and how much hay he is managing to eat. His ration of Healthy Hooves Molasses Free and Hi-Fi Lite is split over 3 to 5 meals depending on how long he is in for.

Dermot’s healthy and active lifestyle just goes to show that using a forage replacer ration is no bar to health and performance, no matter their age!


Lady riding side saddle