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Healthy Tummy Powers Polo Ponies

Katie O’Driscoll from Ireland contacted the Dengie team to let us know the difference that Healthy Tummy has made to her polo ponies.

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“We’ve always fed the ponies Dengie Alfa-A Original and a mix, but decided to try Dengie Healthy Tummy after a recommendation from Dengie’s Irish Sales Manager Padge Whelan and we’ve seen real improvements. All three ponies have been able to play all season on this diet and have had more energy than before without getting too heated by it. They get just three large scoops of Healthy Tummy each day along with their hay, and the only supplement we add is garlic – everyone has commented on how healthy and shiny they’ve been.”

Katie has noticed a particular difference in Violetta, a mare with a history of digestive problems.

“Violetta was very unhappy at the start of the season, but after just four months on Healthy Tummy the improvement in her is amazing. She even won Best Playing Pony at her last tournament!”

For more information about Healthy Tummy, or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact the Dengie Feedline team on 01621 841188 or chat live with a nutritionist using our online chat feature.