I feed Dengie to all 13 of my ROR/TB horses with great results

“I feed Dengie Alfa-A Original to all 13 of my ROR/TB horses with great results.

I love that it doesn’t fizz them up, which can easily be done when feeding them incorrectly. Feeding a high fibre, low starch diet of Alfa-A Original gives them everything they need.

I also feed Dengie Pure Grass Pellets to my poor doers. My 26-year-old ROR boy, Mowbray enjoys them, as do my youngsters and others that struggle with weight. It’s a great added extra to their normal bucket feed and they love it!

The babies are rising 2 and 3 years old and this diet has worked wonders for them, it has provided everything they have needed to grow strong and healthy.

My yard of horses all look great and have a brilliant shine on the coats in summer and winter. Since being on a fibre diet their performance has improved dramatically, and they are just as keen to get back out competing as I am!”

Jo Sellars-Waymark

Jo Sellar-Waymark