Improved overall condition and feather quality

Tina Sharp is a keen breeder of Pekin Bantams, which she also enjoys showing, so it is important her birds are in good health and look their best. Tina originally trialled Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens for Mole Valley Farmers but has since continued to use it.

“I’ve been delighted with the Dengie Fresh Bed for my grower pens and breeding groups and would highly recommend the product to any poultry enthusiast”.

“The light and fresh smelling bedding has improved my Bantam’s overall condition and feather quality. I have also noticed less foot leather breakages since using it. Fresh Bed is great in nest boxes and being highly absorbent there is less wastage when cleaning out”.

“The high-quality packaging has also enabled me to store the bedding outside with no damage to the product getting damp or wet. This is excellent when you have limited storage space”.

chickens in a coop