Making preparations for the colder months ahead

“As the year turns, I need to start making some preparations for the colder winter months ahead and the fact that the flocks will be spending much more time indoors. One of the key aspects of the chickens’ indoor space during the winter is the use of good quality litter. It’s going to get well-soiled, so absorption is important as well as any capacity to neutralise smells. It also needs to be something that provides a degree of comfort for the chickens, so, over the past couple of months, I’ve been trialling Dengie’s Fresh Bed for Chickens. It’s endorsed by the British Hen Welfare Trust.”

Andy Cawthray with a Poland Chicken“I’ve always used wood shavings in the main previously, but this chopped straw offering is very soft to the touch, has a very pleasant pine oil smell (which acts as a natural antibacterial and fungal agent), and is really quite a pleasure to work with. The chickens enjoy dust bathing in it when it’s first put down and seem quite content with it in their nestboxes, so it would appear to get a thumbs-up from them, too.”

“The material has a good absorption rate, which, when coupled with the pine oil, means the smell of the house remains fresh for a long time. It also composts very quickly, and can be used on your garden.” Andy Cawthray (Chicken Street)