My horses look and feel amazing

“I have been feeding Dengie to my horses for many years now, and wouldn’t feed them anything else.

My top horse, Ozzie, is unfortunately allergic to lots of different things – mites/bugs, birds, corn to name a few, and we recently discovered he is allergic to oils such as rapeseed oil. He is therefore quite difficult to feed and manage, but since putting him on Alfa-A Original he has stopped itching and licks his bucket clean!

Thanks to the help of Dengie’s amazing team of nutritionists this means I am now able to keep condition on him as well as have a healthy glowing coat like my other horses – he is back to performing at his best. Amend to read: Dengie’s nutritionists have been amazing. Ozzie gained, and now maintains, condition with ease and his coat gleams; he’s back to performing at his best.

With my horses being competition horses and highly susceptible to stress, I like to feed a good handful of Alfa-A Original to them all before they are worked, to help prevent acid splash within the stomach.

I love Dengie products, they’re easy to feed and there are no hidden ingredients; my horses look and feel amazing!” Laura Fisher

Laura Fisher & Ozzie