Natural sweetness encourages fussy feeder to eat up

Clare Wood got her ex-racehorse ‘Piglet’ as a rising three year old just off the track. She was deemed to have too fizzy a brain for racing and burnt herself out before she’d even run her race. As well as having a very fizzy nature, Clare also found that Piglet was a chronic box walker and windsucker. She was also very fussy and wasn’t a fan of bucket feeds. Piglet wouldn’t eat a powdered vitamin and mineral supplement and Clare felt the balancers she had tried in the past all added to her stressy character.

Clare took advice from Katie Evans, one of Dengie’s feed advisor’s, who suggested Dengie Meadow Grass with Herbs and Oil because of its natural sweetness, making it really tasty to encourage Piglet to eat up. Katie also suggested to feed a balancer alongside to ensure Piglet was getting a balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals she needs. Clare admits she was sceptical about trying the balancer due to her previous experiences.

“Piglet is a very stressy and sharp mare to ride, but I have to say much more level-headed since changing her diet. The combination of the Meadow Grass and balancer seems to really suit her and I certainly didn’t find it hotted her up like other balancers have in the past. I have also seen a noticeable reduction in her box walking and windsucking”.

“I love how easy it is to feed, two bags and that’s it! Piglet always eats up her bucket feed now and her feet have improved no end. Her coat is also super shiny and she’s put on the condition she needed. All in all I think we have found the key to her feeding regime!”

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