Racehorse in poor condition

Five-year-old racehorse Red had one run before arriving in Richenda Ford’s care in 2020. He arrived in very poor condition, so Richenda decided to put him on an ‘ulcer friendly’ diet which was high in calories, fibre, and oil, but low in starch. He was turned out for the first two weeks to help him settle and pick-up condition.

horse underweight

Red was fed Dengie Performance Fibre, as part of his diet, due to it being high in digestible energy and fibre, but low in starch making it ideal for putting on condition without promoting any fizzy or excitable behaviour. Red also has Dengie Alfalfa Pellets alongside to provide him with a more concentrated source of fibre and calories.

“The Performance Fibre is very palatable, even to the fussiest of feeders. It is also very soft and easy to chew, which was ideal for Red, as the dentist found some ulcers in his mouth. The combination of Performance Fibre and Alfalfa Pellets, being high in digestible energy and fibre but low in starch, is the perfect combination for Red to help promote weight gain and condition without making him fresh!”

Red is now in full work and Richenda hopes to run him this year. He has put on the necessary weight, built up muscle and is generally looking happier and healthier.

“I’ve seen a massive difference in both Red’s body condition and behaviour. He has put on the right amount of weight, has great muscle definition, and a lovely shiny coat. When Red first arrived, he would constantly grind his teeth when being ridden, this is now a rare habit. Red feels a lot happier within himself and now eats like a pig!”

horse in perfect condition